Scenery Design related Tools and Documents


SCINST ver 4.0 ('07/3/10)

This page contains a collection of tools, documents, and links for making static scenery of FS5.x.

Most of the tools and documents can be found at

General tools

SCINST ver 4.0 General-purpose scenery installer for FSFW95/FS98/FS2000/FS2002/FS2004/FSX/CFS/CFS2. You can automate installation process of your scenery using this tool.

Scenery creation tools, documents

FreeSC FreeSC is scenery compiler, and compatible with SCASM. 
Photo Scenery Maker Photo scenery creation tools for FS2002/2004. Freeware.

Photo Scenery Viewer Photo scenery viewer  for FS2002/2004. Freeware.

SCASM Scenery assembler. Make scenery in text files, and compile by this. You can make any scenery using only this. I recommend to read this documents. Newest version is included in Airport.
SCXMPL Sample scenery of SCASM. It's good way to read this samples first.
SCASM documents in Japanese ver1.1 SCASM ver1.7 & 2.0documents translated to Japanese. With HTML version reference.
Sclint ver1.1 Sclint is Scenery File Checker. Sclint checks SCASM/BGLCOMP style scenery source file, and reduce DATABASE ERROR greatly. Very useful for scenery maker.
SCKILL ver2.1 AREAKILL compatible tool. SCKILL can delete objects in scenery files.

Scenery analyze tool

bgsview ver0.1 Bgs file viewer for Windows95/NT3.51. You can see coastline and 3D object of scenery.
SCDIS SCDIS is scenery discompiler. SCDIS can analyze BGL file, and convert SCASM style source file. You can use this for learning of scenery, or modify existing scenery.