World Wide Guide to FS Scenery Design

Credits and Kudos

It's nice to know that all the work that we and our many contributors have put into this site is not going unnoticed.  

NetGuide Gold Site On 21 January, we were informed that the World Wide Guide has been selected as a GOLD SITE AWARD by NetGuide, a well-respected Web rating service and search engine. Here's what NetGuide says in its review:

"Flight Simulator scenery creators will want to take off for this archive. Instructive, intelligent, useful, friendly and well-designed, this collection of free software and good advice is an excellent resource for anyone interested in creating their own scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The site, designed for beginners to advanced designers, is organized into sections including the top 20 free scenery files, a glossary of terms, step-by-step instruction for beginners, design tools, and a Knowledge Bank of ideas from designers. This is the perfect bookmark for scenery designers."

A columnist for Computer Pilot Magazine, in its November 1996 issue, called the World Wide Guide to Flight Sim Scenery Design "the best scenery design resource I have yet run across on the Web." Here's what the writer had to say:

"If you want to try scenery design but haven't found a good spot to gather the information you need to get started you really should look at The World Wide Guide to FS Scenery Design at

"It is an excellent scenery design education page including a scenery design terminology glossary, a step by step guide to scenery creation in very clear layman's language, a comparison of the major scenery design freeware and commercial products available and lots more. It even lists web resources where you can find the data you need to create sceneries including airport data, aerial photos, maps ect.

"This is the best scenery design resource I have yet run across on the web. It really combines everything you need in one place with files, tutorials, tips."

These pages would not be possible without the excellent file storage services provided by WINGS.ARK.COM, in British Columbia, and IUP.EDU, at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Our sincere thanks to Al Pelletier and Mark Strawcutter for their ongoing work in the operation of those sites and for their support of the FS community. Please let them know that you appreciate their sites. The sites hold a wealth of files and information relating to all aspects of flight simulation. You may wish to browse around their sites directly.

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We also wish to thank the dozens of Flight-Sim scenery artists who have contributed to these pages. We invite suggestions, contributions and feedback from all. And thanks to Web-Counter for tracking the number of visits.

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-- Gene Kraybill, Ballajura, Western Australia

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