Coral-FLT F-15 Eagle

Coral-FLT F-15 Eagle VC Model Version 2.00 ( Freeware Model )
Installation Manual
( Online Manual )

Supervisor :

Mr. Mach

Aircraft / Virtual Cockpit Designer :

Kimitaka Nishida ( Keeper )

2D panel & Gauges/Effects/etc :     

Atsushi Terui ( Holly )

ACKNOWREDGEMENT: Special thanks to Mr. Mach, the supervisor for this aircraft data.

**********  Feature  **********

This file is the F-15 Eagle Version2.00 model for FS2002/2004. The Model and the Panel were optimized.

This package is a Single Seat and No Armed , Freeware Version Model.

**********  Panel Control & Settings Info   **********

Please see attached manual for controlling the panel.
Or, please refer to the following site.

Please visit our Site for best setting of FS.

**********  about F-15DJ & ACM Model   **********

It is planned to announce on the Coral-FLT website about F-15DJ ( dual seat )
and the ACM model ( model equipped with the missile ).

**********  Installation  **********

Please BE CAREFUL of the version of your installed FS.

The installation program for FS2002 / FS2004 is different.
Please DOWNLOAD a correct version from our WEB SITE.

1: Execute the EXE file, and copy all files. (automatic installation)
Installed folder The aircraft data file is installed in your FS installation folder/Aircraft/CORAL_F-15_V2
The addition of Repaint-data and the change in the aircraft name, etc.
must rewrite and use the file in the above-mentioned folder.

**********  about Remakes  **********

You can make and distribute your own repaint data and addon data of Coral-FLT aircraft freely.

However, in case of your distribution to others,
you CANNOT contain neither our mdl file nor data in panel ( gauges ) folder for your distributing data.

Please use Repaint Kit for your distribution.

**********  about Donate  **********

Please help our production activity. Look at a page of Coral-FLT Donations in detail.

**********  Legal Notice  **********

This data is free-ware.

We take care of this data for release, but we cannot bear the responsibility for any results and damage due to using this data, so please use this data at your own risk.

You cannot distribute this original data to others without our permission. And you need our permission BEFORE commercial use of this data.

Thank you for downloading !

Have a nice flight !

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