Coral-FLT F-15 Eagle

Coral-FLT F-15 Eagle VC Model Version 2.00
Panel Control Manual
( Online Manual )

Supervisor :

Mr. Mach

Aircraft / Virtual Cockpit Designer :

Kimitaka Nishida ( Keeper )

2D panel & Gauges/Effects/etc :     

Atsushi Terui ( Holly )

ACKNOWREDGEMENT: Special thanks to Mr. Mach, the supervisor for this aircraft data.

**********  Setting Info  **********

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**********  F-15 Performance & Limitation   **********

   Clean ( No Fuel Tank/ No Armed )
Speed Limits

CAS 800kts or M2.5    

G Limits

+9G / -3G

* CAS ( Calibrated Airspeed ) = IAS ( Indicater Airspeed ) on MSFS.
* Please Set up to IAS instead of TAS (True Airspeed).

**********  Operation Manual  **********

* In FS2002, operation of a gauge cannot be performed on Virtual Cockpit. *

コクピット イメージ

(1) HUD (Head-Up Display)
  Please refer to the HUD Section.
(14) Engine RPM ( percent ) (27) Master Caution
  1500lbs or less fuel
  FTIT 1000 F or more
(2) Aiespeed Indicator ( kts : CAS )
  Please Setup to IAS on FS.
  * IAS=Indicated Airspeed
(15) Fan Turbine Inlet Temperature
  F100 engine is controlled by FTIT.
(28) Transponder
  Sets Transponder Squawk
(3) Altitude Director Indicator ( ADI ) (16) Fuel Flow Indicator( PPH )
  Fuel consumption per hour.(lbs)
(29) NAV 1/2 Frequency ( Swap type )
  Active Freq are switched and set up.
  CHAN01 = NAV1 , CHAN02 = NAV2
(4) Altimeter ( feets )
  Please Setup QNH by dial.
(17) Nozzle Position Indicator
  It checks opening at the time of AB use.
(30) Radio Panel ON/OFF
  Radio Panel Display
(5) Horizontal Situation Indicator( HSI )
  Please refer to the HSI Section.
(18) Fuel Quantity ( lbs : pounds )
  Displays Total Quantity.
(31) HUD NAV/GUN Mode Swap SW
(6) Elevator Trim (19) Fuel Quantity (Digital) (32) HUD / Gauge Lights SW ( forV/C )
(7) AOA Indicator
  Landing : AOA 21
(33) Cabin Light SW
  The optimal setup on V/C, Night:OFF
(8) Accelerometer
  Short Needle:MAX/MIN  G Force
(20) Speed Brake Indicator (34) NAV Lights SW
(9) Vertical Velocity Indicator( feets/min ) (21) Autopilot Master SW (35) Landing / Taxi Light SW
  It interlocks for the convenience
  of assignment.
(10) Clock (22) Autopilot Altitude Hold SW (36) HUD Color SW (Green/Red)
(11) Flaps Indicator (23) Autopilot Attitude Hold SW
(12) Landing Gear Lights (24) JFS Window ON/OFF
  Jet Fuel Starter Display ( or Shift+4 )
(37) GPS Window ON/OFF
(13) Cabin (Altitude) Pressure ( feets )
  the atmospheric pressure of a cockpit is shown
  with the open air altitude equivalent to it.
  *Displays on V/C and JFS Window
(25) HSI Window ON/OFF
  HSI Wide Display ( or Shift+7 )
(38) MAP Window ON/OFF
      (26) Throttle Window ON/OFF
  Throttle Control Display ( or Shift+6 )
(39) ATC Window ON/OFF

* V/C... Virtual Cockpit

**********  HUD  ( Head-Up Display )   **********

F-15( C/J ) HUD was reproduced in consideration of the practicality in MSFS.
There is a portion which is different from a display and operation in actual F-15.

NAV Mode

GUN Mode

NAVモード (ILS)
NAV Mode ( ILS )

NAV/GUN Mode Swap : (31) Switch on Panel or SHIFT+H  Key. ( The key of Pitot heat is used. )

(1) Airspeed Scale ( kts : CAS )
  Please Setup to IAS on FS.
  * IAS=Indicated Airspeed
(8) Heading
  *Displays only on NAV Mode.
(15) ILS Localizer
  *Displays only on NAV Mode.
  A gap of the right and left from a runway
  central line is displayed.
(2) Heading Scale (9) Mach Meter (16) ILS Glide Slope
  *Displays only on NAV Mode.
  A proper landing descent angle is displayed.
(3) Altitude Scale ( feets ) (10) G Meter
(4) AOA Scale
*Displays only on NAV mode / Gear Down
  Landing : AOA 21
(11) QNH
  Sets up with the dial on Airspeed Indicator.
(5) FPM (VV)
  Flight Path Marker ( Velocity Vector )
  Displays Actual Flight Direction.
  *If a display angle limit is exceeded,
    it will indicate by blink.
  *By 2D panel, it is not displayed correctly
   that a zoom ratio etc. is changed.
2D panel initial setting: 0.54 (0.56) zoom
(12) NAV1/2 DME (NM)
  Distance to the VOR/DME of NAV 1/2
  CHAN01 = NAV1 , CHAN02 = NAV2
(6) Gun Cross
  The angle of a 20mm cannon.
(13) Landing Gear Indicator
  *Displays only on NAV Mode.
(7) W Mark ( Aircraft Symbol )
  The direction of a nose of an aircraft.
  ( It differs from the flight direction. )
(14) Gun Reticle
*Displays only on GUN Mode.
  The impact area of a 20mm cannon.
  Operation is the dummy set by FS.

**********  HUD  Color   **********

HUD Color Green
Green (Normal)

HUD Color Red
Red (Option)

HUD Color Swap : (36) Switch on Panel.

**********  2D Mini Panel   **********

2D Panel
2D Panel

2D Mini Panel
2D Mini Panel

2D Panel / 2D Mini Panel Swap : Press W key.

**********  JFS  ( Jet Fuel Starter )   **********


JFS Window : The JFS button in the panel lower right (24)  or SHIFT+4 key.

STARTER on V/C ( FS2004 )

FS2004 Virtual Cockpit: Please use Right Console Panel.
( V/C Throttle ( and Finger Lift SW ) does not work, Please use
(7)(8) switch. )

* Upper right meter is a cabin altimeter. It is not related to operation of JFS.

* Actual F-15 is started from the No.2(Right) Engine.

* If
(4)(5) or (7)(8) are turned OFF, the auto engine start which uses Ctrl+E key cannot be performed.

**********  HSI  ( Horizontal Situation Indicator )  **********

HSI (水平位置指示器)

NAV1/2 indicator displays the direction set as the active frequency of (29) on the panel.

Please set up ADF (NDB) frequency from the radio panel screen of
(30) on a panel.

HSI Wide Display :
(25) or Shift+7 key

**********  Virtual Cockpit Night Lighting  **********
* In FS2002, operation of a gauge cannot be performed on Virtual Cockpit. *

Cabin Light ON

Cabin Light ON

Day Flight or Ground (Night)

(32) HUD / Gauge Lights
(33) Cabin Light

Cabin Light OFF

Cabin Light OFF

Night Flight

(32) HUD / Gauge Lights
(33) --- OFF ---

**********  Effects  **********

FS2002 / FS2004

Afterburner Effects


A/B Effects occurs with throttle control.
The color changes by altitude.

When the speed becomes 170kts or less
at the ALT 30,000 feet or more,
it becomes no ignition.


Vulcan 20mm Cannon Effects (FS2004 only)

Vulcan 20mm Cannon

Period  . key  or
Please assign the
Brake on the stick.
( at Gear UP )

The orbit of the bullet doesn't synchronize
with Reticle of HUD.
It moves  negligently.

The best ZOOM of 2D panel : x

Please acknowledge it to be an effect of the

This data was reproduced in consideration of the practicality in MSFS.
There is a portion which is different from a display and operation in actual F-15.

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