Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery Design Guide

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(since '96/3)

Japanese page is here.

last update: 2007/5/13

This page contains information for MS Flight Simulator, mainly scenery creation. Sorry, some topics are written in Japanese only.


- Photo Scenery Maker for FSX ver 0.1 was released. ('07/6/13)

- SCINST ver 4.0 was released. ('07/3/10)

Scenery Design

SCASM Online Reference in Japanese ('97/9/6)
SCASM reference translated to Japanese, html version

SCASM Scenery design guide
SCASM Scenery design guide. Sorry, this document is written in Japanese only!

Tokyo bay reconstruction project
Sorry, Japanese only.

Compiler development project ('99/12/19)
We are developing free scenery compiler upper compatible with SCASM!

ICON The World Wide Guide to Flight-Sim
Scenery Design Japanese version
Japanese version of The World Wide Guide to Flight-Sim Scenery Design maintained by Gene Kraybill. (Under Construction)


Scenery, Tools and Documents

Tools, Documents ('01/12/21)
Useful collections of tools and documents.

Scenery ('02/2/23)
Nagoya Scenery and so on.

Nagoya Scenery Photo Gallery('99/6/13)
Nice photos from Nagoya scenery which I made.

General Information

Flight Simulator party report
Some photos of flight simulator party.

Flight Simulator for Windows95 Impression
My first impression of Flight Simulator for Windows95 (Japanese only)

Flight-Sim Tsurezure Note ('98/2/14)
My diary about flight-sim. Sorry Japanese only.


Pacific Japan Airways
First Virtual Airline in Japan, established in '97/4/1. My job title is technical advisor of Pacific Japan Construction Corporation. My Business card is here.

FSFAQ ver 1.20 ('97/10/26)
FSFAQ (Frequently Asked Question of Flight Simulator) distributed at NIFTY Serve. (Japanese ONLY)

FS Scenery BBS
FS Scenery BBS. Sorry Japanese only.

FS related links
Useful links.

Flight Info

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Takuya Murakami -
Pacific Japan Construction Corp. Technical Advisor